What Are Resell Rights?

All the products on our site have resell rights in one form or another.  At a very simple level, this effectively means that you are free to resell the products that you have purchased from us and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.  You can also re-purpose the content and use it in your website, blog or product that you create.

However, there are actually several different types of resell rights.  We have provided a brief explanation for each type:

Resell Rights

They are also known as resale rights. This implies that you can sell a product for any price you wish to and keep all the profits. There are pre-written sales pages, thank-you pages and product images which these products come with. They generally have a suggested retail price listed.

You are usually allowed to give them to your members or customers as a bonus or include them for downloading on a membership site.

This kind of resell right does not allow you to pass the resell rights to your customers.

Master Resell Rights

These rights allow you to give away, bundle it, resell it, create new information packages or include them in membership sites. These rights allow you to pass the resale rights to others.

Hence, if you sell the product to someone, then he can sell it to someone else.
Master resell rights generally cost more but this is ok since they give more control to the owner.

However, the rights may vary somewhat and that depends on who the creator of the product is. Ensure that you follow the license rights which are included with every product.

Private Label Resell Rights

These allow you get the source codes of the products, from which you can create your own product and call it your own. You could edit it in any way you liked and then sell this recreated product, bundle it with different products or include in your membership site.